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Night Vision Goggles

These days there are numerous types of refurbished and used night vision goggles that are available for sale. These are basically used for security purposes as they improve the visibility during the night. Most of the night vision goggles work in two ways. The first is by using enhancement of image and the second is by employing thermal imaging.

Night vision goggles contain a light intensifier tube, which executes its main function. It enables the target to be viewed easily at night. These are very lightweight, portable and easy to use. Some of the most advanced generation of night vision goggles are light and small viper goggles.

There are many others night vision goggles such as military issue AN PVS-7. Wildlife observations, hunting, boating and for security is the main purposes for which these night goggles are used. Besides this, there are also night vision binoculars and night vision cameras that are available in the market

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